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How to Refill EPSON ink

Replace ink cartridges cost too much. DIY and refill the printer ink over and over. Here is a video on how to refill ink on an EPSON printer.
Jenell Solo : Thank you for the info! Would refilling the cartridge before it gets a low ink warning prevent me from having to reset the chip? Thanks again for the tutorial. :-) 
gary w : You need to squeeze the side, middle bottom, repeatedly, because this primes ink down into the 3rd, bottom chamber. The cartridge has 3 chambers. By putting the ink into the 2nd chamber (as you show correctly), the 1st chamber also fills (top left), but the bottom chamber where the ink comes out, is very hard to get ink into, which is what massaging the cartridge accomplishes. This also will cause some spillage, which you correctly mentioned, but this is inevitable, meaning, wear gloves.
April JF : How can you do this with the Epson 252 cartridges?  Thank you!
BinxBoi : This was so helpful. Thank you for posting this
Rebecca Shaw-Trenary : Thank you.. I used your own info and it worked great..... Only I used some ink cartridges that didn't go to my printer. But it worked....

How to clean clogged or blocked Epson print head nozzles the easy way.

An easy to follow guide to unblock an Epson Printer.

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74Voyeur : Thank you VERY MUCH for the BRILLIANT tip of cutting the power when the print head is out of its resting position! I followed your advice, and was able to clean the ink pad underneath, and the adjacent areas.
seagreenman1 : Just done this to my WF-2750 and it worked a treat. Had to do three passes of the print-head cleaning routine before it came totally clear. Many thanks!
The Fakey Cake Maker : Think I'll do this on my printer, just want to say that not only was the video helpful but I appreciate seeing how you answer everyone who asks a question clearly and politely, small things like that build perception and let people know that they can trust your advice and products. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Mongo Arts : Help please, I’m so confused, I just followed the directions after having issues with no cyan printing out, all other ink colors printed fine. Then after a few head cleanings, still no cyan and now barely any ink at all is printing out. I have tried pulling air up with syringe, letting it soak, more head cleans.. Is it possible I used too much cleaning solution? This is a Epson 7210 with CIS, had it a month and this is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with it. I’ve been working on printers for a decade and still don’t know what I’m doing wrong Thanks guys
Colin Alexander : Most impressed! Blocked head cleaned first time. Very clear instruction gives one confidence to have a go. Will be looking at cartridge purchase from you as well.

Reset impressora epson xp241 240 245

Epson com todas as luzes piscando
Sergio Alonso : Excelente vídeo! Obrigado pelo programa justo e aula boa! abraços de Salto-SP!
Aero matemática : Excelente ..... Muito, Muitíssimo obrigado cara !!!!! Valeu de coração
As aventuras de foguinho Nicolau : Excelente ! Para não dar problema na hora de descompactar o arquivo, fiz de forma manual, usando o 7zip e não o winrar. Deu tudo certo, felizmente. Super obrigado ! Deus o abençoe !
CANAL GADGETS UTEIS : Nós do Canal Gadgets úteis agradescemos esse tutorial,gratidão
Keyla Ramos Teixeira : Melhor vídeo, parabéns. Curto e direto, eficiente. Obrigada por compartilhar gratuitamente, muitos canais não compartilham o conhecimento, só querem vender o software.




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