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Adobe Illustrator CS3 - Prise en main #Ai01

Créez votre premier travail sur Adobe Illustrator CS3, et maîtrisez les principaux outils du logiciel.
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ScreenCast par Loïc Crampon \u0026 Julien Duquennoy

Illustrator CS3 Portable

Adobe Illustrator CS3 Portable

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Adobe Illustrator CS3: Creating a Tiled Artboard for PDF Sewing Patterns

I mainly made this video for myself so that (I) don't forget how to do this, 5 minutes after I fumbled through figuring it out. So it's not a "polished" tutorial, but it does result in accomplishing the task of creating a tiled template for creating "tiled" PDF sewing patterns.
In the new versions of Adobe Illustrator, this task is super easy, however here in CS3, it has to be a work-around in comparison- but not impossible.




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